I am a french video game developer, currently working in the indie game studio DSC Studio22. I started as a developer and now I am also in charge of the production of small mobile video games. We are now working on our biggest project so far : Energy Heroes which will be playable on PC. In short, I am very much involved into indie gaming. I am also working on a few spare time projects on my own.

My experience in the video game industry is quite varied, though I never worked in a big company. I worked on flash games, on serious games for the french army, on mobile games, and lately on more serious desktop games. My ultimate goal is to achieve "the One": the video game that will be a breakthrough in the way video games offer an interactive story and amazing game mechanics, just like Half-Life or Dune did in their days. But for the moment... well, I'm a grunt !

I am addicted to heavy metal. I attend a lot of concerts and festivals. I like to share my passion for this subversive music genre which allowed me to meet a lot of amazing people. This type of music has always been a good way for me to develop my spirituality... and I think spirituality is something really important in our world. Christian, muslim, jew, buddhist : I don't care who you are, as long as you know we are so small in this universe.

I am also interested in ufology, cats and military history. I am a big fan of Australia, I travelled there and I always like to discover new countries.

Things that I have done and worked on:

Energy Heroes
The Lost Scrolls of Paracelsus
Terroir Daily Post
Tremble, Human Beings!
Qwerty Space Wars
Serious game DGA
The Wonderful Adventures of Thomas Gainant
Bugs save the Queen

People who I have worked with:

Where I studied:

Things that inspire me:

Half-Life, Age of Empires II, Counter-Strike, Mount and Blade, Fallout, Empire: Total War, Skyrim, Sim City, Dune, Syndicate, Moonstone, Dystopia, Valve Software, Sébastien Genvo, Philippe Ulrich, John Granier, Nicholas Lovell, Marco Mele, Samael, Gojira, SepticFlesh, Behemoth, Satyricon, Morbid Angel, Darkthrone, Immortal, The Old Dead Tree, Belenos, Eths, Sidilarsen, Blaze of Sorrow, Gallhammer, Alcest, Minushuman, DJ Radium, Tamtrum, bioxeed, Temple of Nemesys, Micropoint, Arkan, Orphaned Land, my homeland, Pierre Desproges, 4chan's /b/, /r/gamedev, Australia, the Android project, Frank Herbert, Bernard Werber, Frank Herbert's Dune universe, Monsieur le Chien, John Christopher's The Death of Grass, xkcd, Harry Harrison's Make Room! Make Room!, The Walking Dead, The Perry Bible Fellowship, Seventh Sanctum, L@bx, sparth, Game of Thrones series, The Big Bang Theory series, Crossed, and many more...